Colorful French manicure designs

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When deciding what type of toe and fingernails designs you will choose, you have quite many options and French manicure designs are one of them. You can choose Solar manicure, common French manicure, Konad stamping art, or you can decide to use designs on your French manicure, which will diversify you the common French manicure. Not many women know that French manicure does not always need to be only done with just pink and white color, while you can make different French manicure designs with versatile lacquer shades. French manicure is usually done with painting your whole fingernails with pink or skin color and with painting the tip with white color. If you do not know how to combine French manicure with colorful designs, it will be the best, if you paint the tip with white color so, that this part will be large enough to have enough surface to make designs.

If you view the photos in this article, you will soon realize that not  only the white part, but also the rest of the nail can be painted with  versatile trendy designs. Do not limit yourself with only common  designs, such as flowers, lines and polka-dots, while you have so many  other patterns and also versatile techniques waiting for you to use  them. Why not using a very simple Konad technique, which gives  tremendous results?

Such French manicure designs will look as if they  were made by a  professional artist in the most expensive beauty salon  and no one will even think that this is not true. Classic French  manicure leaves you  enough options to being able to play with different  colors and  patterns, the same you would do with any other technique,  such as when painting designs with acrylic colors, lacquers, gel  polishes or any  other product, which is used in this type of art.

French  manicure  designs can also be made with glitter or shimmer  lacquers and  what is  more, you can also apply add-ons. Add-ons are  usually small  crystals,  feathers, even polymer clay canes, which  represent all sorts  of fruits,  flowers, small bugs, stars and hearts. If you are not  satisfied with  the end result, you can always remove  these designs from  your French  manicure and start from the beginning  or use any other type  of art or  technique.

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