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I have got a wonderful experience, which I want to share with all of you, nail art lovers, who are searching for toe and fingernail do it yourself nail designs. These types of nails designs are easy and do not take much time, while they were created especially for people who are creating designs for the first time or are not yet skilled enough to be able to create beautiful, colorful and detailed toe and fingernail designs. Yesterday I went to my niece who was celebrating her thirteenth birthday. Since she is still a girl, I wanted to give her something very special for her birthday, something that she wanted for long time. Her sister, my other niece, told me two days before, that all she wanted for her birthday, was a nail art design set for being able to draw simple, yet amazing and colorful designs by herself.  Since this Do it yourself nail designs article will help many other girls, I want to share with you the whole story. I rushed to a beauty store and found a couple of amazing nail polishes; one in sky blue shade, another in fuchsia shade, and the third one was in purple shade.


Pink Dotted….



purple shade. nail polish

purple shade. nail polish

Then I also found a special French manicure pencil, which is a great option, if you don’t want to buy the whole French manicure set and you rather want to buy something which will be much easier to use for a girl. So, this French manicure pencil was a perfect choice. Then I also found a special nail polish with very thin brush tip for drawing designs. It was in fuchsia shade and was really perfect for drawing modern and detailed designs. Then I also bought her nail stickers with small rhinestones for her do it yourself nail designs, which looked as if they were made exactly for my niece. Yesterday I gave her my present and she was full of joy when she saw what she got.

We had to start drawing designs right away. She asked me if I would draw her toe and fingernail designs and we both chose small circles and dots of different colors for her design, similar to the ones you can also see on the photo in this article on Best nail polish rack website. First I applied a thin layer of light blue nail polish to her nails, then drew a thin white line on the nail tips and when these two layers dried completely, I continued with drawing black dots (she had already had this black nail polish) and then drew small fuchsia dots in the middle of black dots.

hese do it yourself nail designs were really special and she was very happy with this result. Then I also drew zebra’s nail designs to her sister and she was surprised at how beautifully her toe and fingernails looked. They were both amazed at how quickly you can make such designs and they were determined to try make them themselves next time.

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