Gel nails with stencil technique

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An attractive alternative to nail extensions with bonded tips is the stencil technique. Used it is especially so if, for various reasons no hints are welcome if the nail needs to be fixed if there is no matching for the natural nail tips (oversize, undersize, very flat nails), allergies to the Tip Glue, with deformed nails and nail-biters.


Unlike the gel technique with tips on where the natural nail should be no more than two millimeters beyond the tip of the finger, the natural nail sticking here at least two millimeters beyond it, otherwise is not a nail design with template technique possible. The natural nail is just as prepared as the nails with tips – that is, hands should be washed thoroughly, the cuticles gently pushed back, the nail buffer using a fine file or slightly matted, thus created the nail dust thoroughly removed.

Disposable and reusable stencils stencils

There are basically two types of nail stencils: disposable masks metalized paper with adhesive backing, or Teflon-coated reusable templates. There are also round and square patterns, the square shape allows for more projects further than the natural nail tip and so is the modeling long nails. Some templates are fine grid lines to ensure a consistent modeling of all nails. Once you have chosen a Stencil and prepare the natural nail, the template is in the case of disposable mask now pushed under the nail tip. You must be completely flush with the edge of the natural nail. Their side arms are firmly attached to the finger in order to prevent slippage. Now, turn the template until it shows the desired nail rounding and also fixed the front wing. With reusable templates of the fingers as described on the enclosed pictures are clamped into the template. They have a metal frame, with which you can adjust the desired curvature and width.

The conclusion

After these preparations can begin the actual gel modeling. On the prepared nail plate, the template is put on straight and modeled using white or milky gel. After the first curing begins, the nail like a regular tip-gel modelling layers build. After curing, the final template is carefully cultivated by the nail, the nail art created will be filed in the form. The nail biters pay attention to an increased disinfection; must also frequent this cuticles are removed.

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