Pros and cons of gel nails

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Gel nails or The gel technique is a method in the nail design, in which several layers of a plastic can be applied to the nails, which cures under UV light. Gel nails, both on their own natural nails, as well as be placed on artificial nails and nail the offer some protection. In addition, this technique offers a variety of modeling opportunities , so that they can be perfectly adapted to suit every need. This is done in several steps.

First, the natural nails cleaned and sharpened, then already a layer of gel is applied. When it is cured under UV light, the nail can be filed in the form. Vow has the desired shape and length, again, a light curing resin is applied and cured.

The benefits of gel nails

In particular, the flexibility in the design and modeling of gel nails brings big pluses. The nails can be in length and shape that you customized individually. Shine after the last gel layer is applied, which usually already nails so that another nail lacquer is often not required. The gel nails are very durable. The gel technique is less time consuming than the acrylic technique and is often considered more pleasant, since the chemical vapors are much more unpleasant in acrylic nails. Even in heavily deformed or corrugated nails nature of the use of this technique is possible because the gel evenly on the nail sets. The gel also protects the natural nail from external influences.

The disadvantages of gel nails

The curing under UV light or halogen leads to not underestimate the heat at hand and nail. Some people feel that perhaps as pleasant, but for many this is the most unpleasant part of the treatment. Moreover – despite high load – less stable than acrylic nails and gel nails. Like other professional

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