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Gel nails with stencil technique

An attractive alternative to nail extensions with bonded tips is the stencil technique. Used it is especially so if, for various reasons no hints are welcome if the nail needs to be fixed if there is no matching for the natural nail tips (oversize, undersize, very flat nails), allergies to the Tip Glue, with deformed nails and nail-biters.


Unlike the gel technique with tips on where the natural nail should be no more than two millimeters beyond the tip of the finger, the natural nail sticking here at least two millimeters beyond it, otherwise is not a nail design with template technique possible. The natural nail is just as prepared as the nails with tips – that is, hands should be washed thoroughly, the cuticles gently pushed back, the nail buffer using a fine file or slightly matted, thus created the nail dust thoroughly removed. Read more →

You won’t believe your eyes !!!

Whatever products you use, we recommend that on occasion you use the 3-way buffer. You simply will not believe your eyes (Trind Nail-Magic).

Most people never massage their nails because they don’t know why they should. When you shampoo your hair the directions on the bottle read “massage into scalp”. By doing this you activate the production of your own natural oil on the scalp. This is then absorbed by the hollow and dry hair, which gives you an improved quality of hair. However, the structure of the nail is the same as you hair. The nail is made up of 3 layers of horn cells. Between those layers is natural oil that keeps the nail supple. By all kinds of circumstances we put our nails through a lot of stress (whether, detergents, etc.) thus evaporating the natural nail oil. The nail may become brittle and dried out.
Pamper your nails once in a while (every 4 weeks is best) with the Nail-Magic© of Trind. Read more →

Nail Buffer Safety

Are buffers safe? I love the smooth glossy look of buffed nails, but I’m afraid to weaken my nails.

Buffers won’t damage your nails if you buff properly. It’s a less-is-more type of activity: Be gentle and don’t do it more than once a week. There are some fantastic buffers now. In the old days you needed to use a cream then buff with a chamois. Today there are three- or four-sided buffers that will smooth ridges and add gloss when used in a step-by-step manner. Or the large black buffers you can pick up at beauty-supply stores are effective too. Read more →

How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Apply Nail PoliceOne of the beauties of a professional manicure is that nail technicians know how to flawlessly apply nail polish in a way that it usually stays looking great for about a week, without chipping or peeling. But what if you can’t afford regular manicures or don’t have time to go to the salon? There are a few steps you can take to ensure that a do-it-yourself manicure lasts longer.

1.Slide the nail buffer gently back and forth several times across each nail to even out any ridges.

2.Apply a clear base coat to each nail. Touch the tip of the applicator brush to the bottom middle of the nail (near the cuticle) and drag it to the top. The result will be a strip of color covering approximately 1/3 of the nail. Read more →


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