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Manicure “Magic New Year’s Eve”: Step by Step

At the starting milestone of year 2013. On the one hand, it is sad that time and forever, it seems, is moving forward very quickly. On the other hand, let’s remember that we leave behind is not the easiest.


ORLY company offers its own version of New Year’s nail design, who answered the latest trends in manicure, make you a star of the evening and on the right – the most stylish woman of the New Year! Read more →

The European mill manicure

European mill manicure for those women who are used regularly and take good care of their hands. It is based on the opinion of the dangers cosmetologistsEuropean mill manicure cuticle cutting. Experts say that after the usual manicure, it thickens and becomes coarse, fast growing, there are burrs on the fingers. Europe is edging method – a more gentle. It comes in two forms – dry and wet.

As in a standard manicure, with edging begins with cleansing the nails and removing the old varnish. If you do the manicure is not in the cabin, and independently , it is best to remove the old coating before, to the nails had time to rest, to breathe. Then they will be healthier. Read more →

Healthy nails discussion

Problems with fingernails may indicate and improper care. In the event that for any reason, nails causing trouble, you can use our tips.


Problems Causes Decision
Nails split and stratified Perhaps you are cutting scissors nail plate without pre-wetting. Or processing metal nail file. Or maybe use too concentrated nail polish remover? Sawed nails nail file only with a special coating. Always nail file in one direction only – from the corners to the center. Wear nail polish remover without acetone. Apply twice a week strengthens transparent varnish only at the tips of the nails. Make sure that part of the nail polish did not include formaldehyde
Appear mikrotreschinki Probably you file nails too deep on the sides or “fidget” nail file on your nails back and forth. Properly file nails
The nails are soft This may be due to poor circulation in the fingers and hands. Make regular hand massage with a nourishing cream.
Deformed nails: formed transverse wavy irregularities. The result of over-exposure to the nail plate when the manicure (too much pressure on the nail in the formation regrown cuticle, causing damaged matrix, from which it originates). Carefully grind the nail special sawing. Hover polish with nail polisher, first using it more granular way, then – the fine covering for final polishing. Polished nails can be old and “granny” method – a piece of flannel or suede, sprinkled with a mixture of equal parts of starch, talc and boric acid.
Formed longitudinal grooves The reason may be a lack of vitamins, mechanical damage, aging, fungal infection. Seek medical attention – it will determine the cause of “bump” the nail plate and, therefore, prescribe treatment
Nails are thinned. This is the result of too frequent grinding surface of the nail. Try not to use too much to polish the nail.
Nails become brittle and break. Nail bed may be too dry.
Perhaps the body lacks essential fatty acids.
Nails can just “choke” under a coat of paint for the continued use of lacquer.
Your nail polish remover can be acetone.
The reason may be chlorinated water, detergents and mechanical contact with a hard surface.
Daily rub into the skin around the nail almond oil.
Eat more nuts and oily fish.
Give your nails a break from nail polish, at least 2 days a week.
Choose paints and nail polish remover, whose composition does not include acetone.
Morning and evening in the intensive massage with special nails or nourishing hand cream.
Follow the “dirty water” homework gloves, pre inflicting on hand barrier cream.
Nails yellow. It happened on a dark pigment color lakes.
Or nicotine.
Be sure to apply a protective varnish bright basis.
A smoking generally best avoided.
Pale or bluish fingernails. Pale nails indicate that anemia, bluish – a consequence of poor circulation. Check with your doctor and increase the consumption of foods high in iron (grenades, buckwheat, apples).
There are white spots. In your body or zinc deficiency or excess of sugar. Reduce your intake of sugar and eat more foods high in zinc (bread from wheat flour, eggs, and seafood).
There were brown spots. This means a lack of protein, folic acid, or vitamin C. Lean on citrus and nuts.
Ingrown Toenails Do you wear tight shoes odd.
Incorrect sawing or cutting the
Make a leather cap, fill it with butter and daily before bedtime wear on your finger. Raskisnet nail and the pain will stop. Then using a pen knife, carefully lift up the edge of the nail, put under a gauze or absorbent paper. Layer of gauze (paper) gradually increase. Lift the ingrowing nail a considerable distance, tie pin. The so-called “wild meat” settle down, sore heals, the pain will stop.


Gel nails with stencil technique

An attractive alternative to nail extensions with bonded tips is the stencil technique. Used it is especially so if, for various reasons no hints are welcome if the nail needs to be fixed if there is no matching for the natural nail tips (oversize, undersize, very flat nails), allergies to the Tip Glue, with deformed nails and nail-biters.


Unlike the gel technique with tips on where the natural nail should be no more than two millimeters beyond the tip of the finger, the natural nail sticking here at least two millimeters beyond it, otherwise is not a nail design with template technique possible. The natural nail is just as prepared as the nails with tips – that is, hands should be washed thoroughly, the cuticles gently pushed back, the nail buffer using a fine file or slightly matted, thus created the nail dust thoroughly removed. Read more →

Nail Anatomy

Healthy nails are smooth, shiny, and translucent pink colored. They also have a normal growth pattern. Unhealthy nails can have disorders and result in Nail Anatomyabnormal growth.
The technical term for nail is “onyx”. Nails are considered part of the skin; they are made up of keratin, like the skin and hair. But nails are a harder form of keratin than skin and hair. They help to protect and grasp.
The average rate of growth for adult nails is 1/8” per month. Toenails grow even slower. Nails can replace themselves within 3-4 months. They do grow quicker in the summer than the winter. The nail on the middle finger grows the fastest, and the nail on the thumb the slowest.

Parts of the Fingernail:

  1. Nail Plate: Main part of the nail that is attached to the skin at the top layer of the finger. Although it looks like one piece, it is actually formed in layers.
  2. Nail Root: This is where the nail growth begins. It is embedded under the skin at the base of the nail. Read more →


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