What is the best nail polish

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Really good nail polishes are hard to find these days, so you should really think through what will be your best nail polish. When you are choosing among different nail polishes, you may find out that not all of them can be the best ones, so that makes your decision even harder. When you are choosing the best nail polish to make some really cool nail designs, I would suggest you to choose some crackle nail polish. With it, you will do your nail designs with ease and they will also look very great on your nails. For crackle nail polish is not ordinary to be combined with any other nail polishes, but if you have some specific nail design which looks really cool with crackle lacquer, you should really use this combination.

Yes, you probably noticed, my best nail polish is crackle. I also made my own best nail polish rack, where I have stored all my nail polishes, so there is no way I will ever get bored or confused with colors, because I have tons of former experiences with nail designing. I do believe that each person has its own best nail polish, because I’ve tried many companies till today and I must say all of them have its pros and cons. If you don’t know what nail polish you should choose, you can give it a try and choose crackle lacquer &#8211; it really can’t hurt trying. Wish you happy designing and don’t be disappointed if you won’t succeed the 1<sup>st</sup> time – best nail polish is really hard to choose, but if you will keep trying you will for sure succeed

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